Looking for engagement or pre-wedding shoot?

Look no more! Valencia is the perfect location to capture your engagement or pre-wedding shoot. The weather, scenery and architecture of this city are all great for pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot .

City of Arts and Science in Valencia

So here it is how it all started. On a beautiful sunny morning in October I met with Diana and Sammy to do their couple’s shoot in the City of Arts and Science in Valencia.

Diana who is also a tour guide and an influencer has suggested this location for the shoot because of its very unusual and breathtaking architecture.

I was a bit worried at first because it’s a very popular destination and this place it is usually packed with people.

Therefore, I thought that shooting there early in the morning might be a good idea. And as some of you may know, sun sets up a bit later here in Spain so we could actually shoot there with very few people around us and with a perfect sun position too.

There is this amazing energy between these two that made it really easy for me to photograph them together. We spent some time around the City of Arts and Science and later moved to a Garden which looked a bit like a secret garden to me. Situated right in the middle of a city between some tall buildings and hospitals, it seemed like a perfect hideaway.

So here is a collection of shots from our Engagaement shoot in Valencia:

Engagement shoot in Valencia

And if you are getting married soon or thinking about pre-wedding shoots or engagement but not sure you should have it or not. Here are just a few reasons why pre-wedding shoot is important.

1. Pre-wedding shoots are a great way to reconnect with your partner before the big day, which can be an emotional journey for both of you.

2. It’s also a chance to capture some beautiful moments that will remind you of all the good times and memories that have transpired in your relationship up until this point.

3. Finally, pre-wedding shots are an opportunity for couples to get use to camera and to feel more comfortable and confident later on your actual wedding. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know your photographer better, to see how she/he works and obviously to talk more about your wedding plans too.

So let’s get in touch and see what we can do together.